Picture Your Home With Metal Roofing

Find out about our residential metal roofing services in the Helotes, San Antonio, Granbury, Dallas, Ft Worth and surrounding areas

Are you exploring your roofing options? If you're looking for something affordable, efficient and attractive, residential metal roofing is an excellent choice. CTT Exteriors is a reliable metal roofing company that installs roofs in Helotes, San Antonio, Granbury, Dallas, Ft Worth and surrounding areas.

After choosing between a standing seam or R panel roof, you can:

Get custom panels made on site
Add a unique look to your home
Reduce your monthly energy costs

You can choose materials from preferred brands, including coils from Berridge. Contact our metal roofing company today to find out more about standing seam and panel roofing.

How does your roofing affect your energy costs?

In hot weather, the sun's heat warms your building from above. Your HVAC system then has to work harder to keep your indoor temperature down. However, a metal roof reflects heat away from your building, meaning that your HVAC system doesn't have to work as hard. Something similar happens in cold weather. Your metal roof will keep the heat from your HVAC system from escaping outside. Call 210-640-3339 now for a free estimate on efficiency-boosting residential metal roofing services.